Look At These 10 Different Routes to Shape Your Marketing Strategy

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There are so many different avenues you can take to market your business, from social media to email to paid advertising. You can also use any combination of these channels. So it’s a good idea to learn about all the different options so you can shape your own strategy. Here are some insights from members of the online small business community about their favorite marketing avenues.

road.jpgReward Your Twitter Followers
If you want more people to follow your business on social media, you have to give them a reason to do so. One tactic is to reward followers through giveaways, exclusive discounts and similar incentives.

Turn Facebook Live Audiences into Potential Customers
Livestreaming has turned into a very realistic way for businesses to connect with customers and even increase sales. Facebook Live can be a particularly powerful tool. Read about how you can use Facebook Live to gain customers in a recent WittySparks post by Fabiha Siddiqui.

Follow These Email Workflow Best Practices to Make More Sales
Email continues to be an effective method for sales professionals. But closing more sales can be a difficult undertaking. In a recent Process Street post, Josh Brown offers some best practices and examples of email workflows to help you turn leads into actual sales.

Use These Advanced AdWords Targeting Techniques
If you’re going to use paid search ads, targeting the right customers is key. The generic targeting techniques won’t do anything to set your business apart from the competition. But this Search Engine Journal post by Ben Wood includes some advanced targeting techniques you can use to stand out.

Make the Most of LinkedIn’s Free Website Demographics
LinkedIn can be a great platform for communicating with potential clients and business partners, especially for B2B companies. You can also use it to gain insights about the professionals who might be interacting with your website, as AJ Wilcox details in a recent Marketing Land post.

Shoot More Videos for Your Business
Your business’s video marketing strategy doesn’t have to only consist of professionally shot footage. You can create more content that is authentic and speaks to your audience, just as Jane Sheeba shares in a recent post on her blog.

Grow an Authentic Social Media Presence by Using Real Photos
Some brands and influencers might try to push the limits of authenticity to get a photo that seems especially unique or impressive. But these shortcuts often lead to followings that aren’t real or sustainable. Chad Stewart elaborates in a recent Biz Epic post.

Capture More Leads from Your Blog
Your blog can be a great asset if you’re trying to increase sales for your business. So don’t just use it as a way to share information. Employ some potent lead capturing tactics like the ones featured in a recent Basic Blog Tips post by Mitt Ray.

Curate Content Like a Pro
A big part of social media marketing is curating the type of content you want to appear on your channels. But this is more complicated than simply picking out the content you like. This Content Marketing Institute post by Heidi Cohen includes some tips for curating content like a pro.

Improve Your Communication Technique
Overall, using social media and content to market your business comes down to communicating with customers effectively. To improve your communication technique, check out tips from Chris Farmer of Corporate Coach Group.

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