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This week is all about automating and optimizing work time, for me and my clients! Before I get into the nuts and bolts, here’s some advice. You can have all the software available, but if you’re not familiar or comfortable with the resource OR don’t use it on a daily/weekly basis then it won’t help you at all. It’s just like having the best dishwasher but still always washing everything by hand.

Start with one or two similar software packages and see what works for you. Or let Bright Moments Solutions untangle a project and then assist in training you or your employees so that your time in the office or at the desk is maximized.

So let’s jump into it, shall we? In my own business and with my clients will use a ton of different software packages, but a few stand out that I use on a daily basis.

Here are my TOP FOUR Resources

Evernote pic example 1Evernote

This is the app I have used the longest and is most accessible as it’s on my phone. Evernote is a great tool to organize notes, lists, and ideas. My favorite feature (besides the ways to organize the data) are that you get six options for a note: reminder (alarm), audio, attachment, handwriting, camera, and text note. Personally I use the handwriting and text note the most.


‘Easy automation for busy people. Zapier moves info between your web apps automatically, so you can focus on your most important work.’  Basically you set up connections between things you do on a routine basis so that your apps talk to each other and work behind the scenes for your benefit. For example, one of your customers books an appointment online. Not only will they get a confirmation email that can be personalized, you or an employee gets the new event in your calendar, and a reminder in your calendar to prep for the appointment or anything else that needs to happen beforehand. At the same time a file is set up in your workspace app and in your shared files app.

Zapier set up a zap

What does that mean?
No more going back and forth with emails, copying info, or typing the same things over and over. Let technology reduce your workload!

Trello board example 1Trello

There are several workspace apps to manage projects, tasks and deadlines. Some I have listed below. What stands out about Trello is that it’s a fun and flexible way to work either on your own or with a team. It makes it easy to collaborate on ideas or share internal processes.

There are multiple pricing packages, but for a small team or individual most of the features can be used for free. One of the best features is that everything is searchable even if it’s archived. That way if an old prospect resurfaces you can look at the data gathered about them. Or an outlier expense that becomes more frequent can be tracked down.


Again, there are several options for file sharing and storage, but let me speak to the benefits of DropBox for your business. The top features are file and version recovery, link permissions (especially helpful with contracts), and smart sync. This allows users to work right from their desktop with access to every file in their Dropbox.

Dropbox image example 1

There’s not a lot to say about Dropbox, it’s pretty self-explanatory. Think of it as an external hard drive that can be accessed from anywhere. All your files can be stored on Dropbox for loss prevention, security, and accessibility.

Here are some other fabulous resources:

Acuity Scheduling – Online Appointment Scheduling

Asana – Project Manager

Calendly – Online Appointment Scheduling

Canva – Graphic Design

Google Drive – File Storage

Speechnotes – Speech to Text

Todoist – To Do List and Task Manager

Toggl – Time Tracker

Zoom – Video Conferencing

Bright Moments Solutions was founded with the desire to empower small businesses with the tools to be successful. Owners spend so much time handling daily administrative functions that they don’t have the necessary time to focus on growing or maintaining their business. We wanted to create a service company that could provide that necessary time.

What other tools do you use on a daily or weekly basis? Comment below.

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