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Believe me, running your own business from home can be an amazing experience for you and your family. But most days aren’t very glamorous. You don’t sit down to a perfectly organized and clutter free desk to open your Tiffany blue planner and work in half hour time blocks, taking calls and sketching out your next big thing. I mean, some days your plans align and you get to live that fantasy (who else dreams of these seamless days??). And woo hoo if you have a planner you love!! But more often than not, you have a segmented work day where something gets lost/forgotten/smudged or your 3 year old wakes up early from a nap to entertain your newest client on a video call. (True story, luckily the client laughed it off and was VERY understanding! Now I schedule most calls when he’s with a sitter.)


As women, we should be sharing insights with each other on all topics. So I wanted to pull together true life advice from women entrepreneurs that I see daily “”! Below are their candid and inspiring answers, and one awesome reader gets a PRE-SALE PASS to the Here We Grow Again fall consignment sale! (read more to find the details)

There’s a shift in US business- a movement of women starting businesses at a rapid pace. You’ve seen the upward swing of multi-level marketing companies and side hustles. You’ve shopped at a friend’s boutique and eaten at another’s restaurant. You might even have your own side business or a full time operation you run alone or with other employees. We do business with people we know, like, and trust. That has been boosting entrepreneurship and giving women, who might not otherwise take the leap, confidence to step into a business ownership role. Those roles can lead to life changing opportunities to women. Isn’t that thrilling?

And what a leap it is! I’m in the process of growing my business and have relied on a tribe of people [see below] to get me through the momprenuer schedule.  Being an entrepreneur has it’s ups and downs. Add in a kid or two and there’s another layer of maneuvering. Some days I get almost all my to dos checked off, but other days leave me in the weeds when things pop up out of nowhere or my plans get skewed.

Advice from this Mompreneur

We all go into business to pursue some passion or to fill a need for others. And as moms, we want to equally be present for our spouse/partner, kids, and our business. But the catch is, none of us can equally balance those unequal parts. We’ve all heard the analogies of spinning plates or juggling. The truth is, when one ‘plate’ is spinning on schedule you take your eyes off it and focus on the ‘plate’ that is slower. There is no picture perfect scenario where we ALWAYS have just enough time for the kids, AND get work done before the deadline, AND go on weekly date nights, AND cook a healthy dinner every night.

I am giving you permission RIGHT NOW to let something slide when one of your ‘plates’ slows down.  Set boundaries with your time so that you can tend to your family. That might mean working until 2 am to get things done so you can take a Friday off. Or it might mean that the house ends up under a layer of dust one week because there are 2 big projects and 3 soccer games on your calendar. DO the important things. Because that’s why you decided to work for yourself, right?

women laughing

A Collection of Mompreneurs

The best thing to do when starting a business, whether it is babysitting on the side or building a multi-location boutique chain is to see what others have done before you. When starting out you have the passion of what you can offer the world and all the fun things that come along with that- the branding and creating. But there’s no reason to create everything from scratch. Let’s face it, you don’t have a pause button on life so you can build this baby of yours. Lunches still need to be made for your actual human baby, your friends still want to catch up (and you totally need the downtime with them!), and sleep. Hopefully you’re getting SOME sleep, right?

I decided to reach out to other mompreneurs and asked them each just three questions (you KNOW they don’t have time to answer any more than that) about running a business and rocking motherhood. Some of my answers were added in as well, but first let me introduce these amazing moms!

Amanda FoustAmanda Foust: Downs Ups and Teacups
Amanda has been a professional writer and editor for over 5 years. She has written and edited for large publications that have served over 100k followings. She is a leader, collaborator, and creative influencer. Amanda is a close friend to Rachel Maple and attended the same church that my family did while I was growing up.

A Dreamer and a DoerBrooke Winings: A Dreamer and A Doer
Through a mutual friend’s introduction we learned about our similar businesses and feel that there is enough room at the table for virtual assistants. Brooke is creative and organized, which creates a great combination of services for other mompreneurs.

Rockstar USEColby Mathews: Rockstar Pizza
Putting her heart into her business, Colby (and her husband) own and operate a fantastic pizzeria in Brownsburg, IN. They’re known for their delicious fresh made pizza, I personally love the totchos! But greater than food- Colby has infused goodness and altruism into the local community in many ways. It’s a hometown favorite restaurant to many in the entire county.

two moms circleKatelyn White: Two Moms LLP
One half of the powerful duo Two Moms, Katelyn is a certified doula and so much more! Two Moms offers comprehensive, caring and professional support services before, during and after birth. Katelyn and I met at a local networking group that she leads, so thankful for that! Listen to the Two Moms and a Mic radio show Tuesdays at 7 p.m. on or previous podcasts on their site.

Here We Grow Again USEKatie Awaad: Here We Grow Again – Indy West
Katie and I only met in passing once, but I’ve watched her interactions with consignors online and have been so impressed! I continue to be inspired by her authenticity with everyone.  Katie and co-owner Kori have owned and operated the Here We Grow Again West Indy consignment sales since April 2012. Before the first sale their goal was 5,000 items in stock and they ended up with 12,000 items! It’s grown so big, now they cap it between 90-100,000 items. Mark your calendar: Fall Sale 10/3-6, read below for a chance to win a presale pass!

Sometimes Marketing USELeslie Cannon-Grosz: Sometimes Marketing
I have known Leslie xx amount of years since we took business classes at UIndy (it will always be U of I to me). We forged a deep friendship that has lasted through so much life.  Her company, Sometimes Marketing + Events, is for businesses looking to maximize their current marketing budget with cost-effective solutions. They specialize in marketing, public relations and event planning services.

Rachael Beachy USERachael Beachy: Budget Blinds
Hilariousness meets honesty meets faith, that sums up Rachael! We grew up in the same small town and have shared many laughs over the years. Rachael is the Style Consultant for Budget Blinds, scheduling and meeting with clients in their homes. Her dream was to find something to connect with others, little did she know that would come true in the form of working alongside her dad and sister in the family business!

Rachel Maple USERachel Maple: The Haute Maple Makeup Bar
Well, I’ve literally known Rachel her whole life, she’s my sister! Rachel’s entrepreneurial spirit stems from the desire to stay home with my sweet nieces while also creating income for her family. It is her joy to help you find products that are the perfect match for you. Whether you need a liquid or powder foundation, longer lashes, or a personalized skincare regimen.

Check out what they had to say!

Mom boss

What was the decision behind being an entrepreneur? What made you decide to be ‘the boss’?

I had known Kori (co-owner) for about 6 months from church when she brought up the idea of branching off from some consignment sales that she had seen when she lived in Kansas. She discovered we could have our own sale in Indiana. I had never done consigning or even volunteering for a consignment sale. I didn’t really know anything about running a business, but I jumped in at the opportunity to help other families and to have some part-time income for myself.  Even though I didn’t have a background in it, I was excited for the opportunity.  ~Katie

Funny story 1To be honest, going in to business for myself was not something I pursued knowingly. I guess it really started back in 2014 when my husband and I went through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. I decided I would start up a little Etsy shop to make some extra money and help us get out of debt quicker. After we became debt-free I found myself continuing to find ways to still make a little extra money here and there. In April 2017 this feeling started stirring inside of me that I was made for this entrepreneurial journey, but there were so many things I loved to do. So I started researching, dreaming, and praying [a lot]. In August of last year it hit me, I feel called to love and support highly creative {women} entrepreneurs by implementing and managing the administrative strategy for their business…in short, support them in their dreams by removing the chaos that is holding them back from making it a reality. I’ve been “the boss” in corporate America for over 17 years and this journey as an entrepreneur will allow me the opportunity {and new challenges I’m sure} to be more connected as a wife, a mom, and a strong woman who is passionate about sharing her “why” with as many other women as possible who are likely walking through a similar season of life. We’re all just trying to keep our heads above water and sometimes we just need someone in our corner to help us kick butt and take names. I am ready to change the perception that we have to step on one another to get ahead, but rather we have to build one another up with love, support and encouragement – that is how we will win at this game called ‘Life’! ~Brooke

Mom and kids planting

I decided to be an entrepreneur because I wanted to work but I also wanted to be home with my kids while they were young. ~ Amanda

I unexpectedly lost my job April 2017 and at that point I told myself I was not going to go back to the corporate world. Time after time I’ve given a corporate job 110% and I’ve been taken for granted because I am a doer and a go-getter. I am the type of employee that everyone likes to have on the team; I have learned to set boundaries and expectations upfront, so once I exceed them, most employers do not know what to do with me. I eventually get bored with hitting my head up against the wall and I look for a change but this time was different. I didn’t want a change that didn’t involve me being in charge. So I started my own business and don’t want to look back. ~ Katelyn

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Who is your biggest supporter and why?

Hubby is my biggest supporter. He’s been there for me when I first started up and the help of his insurance coverage has been the reason I’ve been able to continue on. During the tough times early on, knowing I had his support emotionally and financially, I was afforded the opportunity to continue. ~Leslie

The customers who have become friends. The absence of a preexisting relationship tells me I’m doing something right to have gained their loyalty and friendship. ~Colby

The Hubs for sure! There have been a lot of tag team drop-offs/pick-ups for the kids and running things while I am traveling or working late. Also, I’m fortunate to have support in different ways from friends, family, and business contacts. ~Melanie

Roll with the punches

What was the best advice you were given pertaining to your being a mompreneur?

Continue to stay a course and if it’s not working, change the plan not the goal. ~ Katelyn

To remember that there is no such thing as true “work-life balance”, so don’t worry about trying to achieve it. But rather, be present in whatever it is I’m doing ~ if I’m blocking out time to work on my business, make sure my kids understand that and then find a space to be fully present in my business. If I’m spending time doing something fun with my boys, put the phone down, don’t check email, be FULLY present. And at the end of the day remember that I will fall short, I’m going to get it wrong sometimes, so I need to be prepared to apologize and try my hardest to get it right the next time. I want my kids to see how hard I work, but I also want them to know that they are more important than the work itself. I want them to know that my calling, my “why”, is also something that makes my heart happy, which in turn makes me a better mom. This is some of the best advice I have received and in turn, love to share with others….it’s like grace and accountability built in to one! ~Brooke

Some advice would be to #1: set up office hours and #2: dedicate a space or office for your work. If you don’t block off time for work or a space everyone assumes that you are full access 24/7. You need down time and your family needs to know where and when they can access you in your off hours. Unfortunately people still disregard those but you can at least have that to fall back on as your policy. In fact, I was getting calls in the hospital right after I had my third child! If you don’t have a dedicated office space or hours you never fully disengage and give yourself the break that you need, just as people in traditional jobs have by simply leaving their office. By simply blocking off time and space it doesn’t overwhelm yourself or your house. ~Katie

The best advice I was given was to not always try to balance everything. That’s very stressful and pretty much impossible. Instead, I need to follow my gut and give myself grace in both work and parenting. ~ Amanda

Women business meeting

What is one of your ‘secrets to success’?

My secret to success is seeing my clients succeed. Customer service, and caring for people makes all the difference. That’s where referrals come from, and referrals are the number one source for clientele. ~Rachael

Following up with prior clients from time to time has help me stay connected and in-the-know for future opportunities. ~Leslie

Post on Facebook daily, whether it be biz related or personal. That helps your algorithm! ~Rachel

Truly listening to my clients and what they see as problems in their business, because by extracting what’s bothering them day to day, together we can uncover workable solutions. And typically we can do that in less than one hour! The bonus is a great working relationship built on trust. ~Melanie


What is saving you right now?

A nap when my girls nap in the afternoon so I can be productive later into the evening after everyone has gone to bed. ~Rachel

A lot of prayer and my husband are what saves me! ~ Amanda

In the beginning we saw the consignment sale as a way to create an opportunity for the community to buy and sell their items. Now we’ve come full circle and see how it’s impacting the community. Many moms are providing income for families and other opportunities. We prayerfully considered this business from the beginning and continue to do so. ~Katie

HWGA Stories

Ah! Podcasts and worship music while I travel from client to client. It’s a chance for me to unwind. And Google calendar. ~Rachael

Funny story 2The saving grace right now-is my youngest son always encouraging me on the rough days as well as my inability nor desire to go back to FT Corporate work. ~ Katelyn

With an active and advanced 7 month old baby, grandmas are helping me and saving me. I wouldn’t be able to get anything done if it weren’t for the extra set of hands to watch our little guy and keep him entertained while I sneak in an email or text reply–like I am right now! ~Leslie

Being efficient with my time saves me when the inevitable issue arises. I’m able to deal with the problem without falling too far behind. ~Colby

Knowing that I have a plan and taking that plan one day at a time. I am an imperfect perfectionist and I feel like I need to be doing all.the.things. all the time. I went through a phase early on in creating my business plan where I felt like I needed to have everything figured out before I put myself out there. Then I hired a business coach {because remember, I’m a firm believe in accountability…even for myself!}, and she helped me realize that I don’t need to have it all figured out, I just need to start. She helped me remember that because I’m gifted at what I have to offer, it will all unfold “perfectly”…with a few life lessons along the way. So with that, I have scaled back the expectations I set on myself. I know how I am, and if I try and package it all up perfectly right out of the gate, I will just disappoint myself {and probably others} and quickly become discouraged. And the thing that is saving me the most right now…? The support of my husband. He is our family’s rock and such a big change scares him I know. But he is trusting and believing in that pull I have on my heart strings to take this bold leap of faith. It’s because of his quiet strength in supporting my big crazy dreams that I know no matter what, this chapter will be one of the best yet! ~Brooke

Apps and software

Software: Canva, QuickBooks, Todoist, Toggl, Trello, Zapier

Apps: Dropbox, Evernote, MileIQ, Roampay, VivaVideo

What’s saving me right now? Definitely it’s the other amazing business owners I know, helping me through the busy times. A huge part of my business is helping small business owners -especially mompreneurs- get back to doing what they do best. So I outsource some tasks as well to help Bright Moments Solutions run smoothly. Focusing on this work wouldn’t be possible without my friend and daycare owner watching the kids a few hours at a time. She’s just one of 3 outstanding mompreneurs I work with. Businesses don’t succeed just because there is a good leader, just as kids don’t succeed just from one amazing mom. ‘It takes a village’ can be true for all of us to navigate this beautiful, messy, crazy, breathtaking life.

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