I couldn’t be happier. I actually sleep at night not worrying!

I was bogged down in administrative processes I was not equipped to handle.  This kept me from working in my strengths and really growing my business where I needed to.  Melanie has come along side us and has gotten so many things in place for us that we could never get around to.  She is gifted in organization, research, administrative projects that are helping our business run smoother and allowing us the work on growing in the areas we are passionate about!

I couldn’t be happier with the services.  I actually sleep at night not worrying about all the stuff I left undone that I will have to catch up on the next day!  I am really surprised at the amount of work you {Melanie} can do in the short amount of time you do it.  Also, solutions I’ve struggled to come up with seem to come much easier to you {Melanie}.  We are a good fit!

Mary Ann, Forget-Me-Not Design & Lawncare

ForgetMeNot_Final PNG transparent

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