Tips for Effective Project Management

When you’re working to deliver a project, there will be huge demands on your time. Ensure you focus only on the tasks that require your unique expertise by hiring a virtual assistant or online business manager to look after the rest.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to the responsibilities you can hand over to an Online Business Manager when it comes to project management.


How Can Online Business Managers (OBMs) Help with Project Management?

Your time is precious and is best spent on tasks that only you can do. An OBM is on hand to cover assignments that keep the business working at full speed while you concentrate on your key responsibilities. These tasks may include:

Meeting Arrangement

When you need to get your team together, an OBM can take care of all the arrangements. They’ll be able to coordinate calendars, send out invites, book rooms, and book catering if required.

Tip: Use a collaborative calendar software so your OBM and yourself can make easy adaptations and notes in real-time so you don’t miss a thing.

Travel Scheduling

Whether you’re on your way to visit clients or welcoming them to your HQ, an OBM can make all the travel arrangements. They’ll book flights or trains, organize transfers or car rental, reserve hotel rooms, and ensure that a full itinerary is provided to every traveler. This makes the entire process run smoothly, without you having to dedicate your own valuable time to it.

Tip: Make sure you have a list of preferences and budgets in place for itinerary or travel planning. An OBM needs to know how much you’re willing to spend on excursions or even your travel ticket.


Data Entry and Database Management

Databases help you keep track of how each project is moving forward. Updating them can be time-consuming, and when you have so many conflicting demands, it’s not the best use of your resource. This is where an online business manager can step in. They’ll update and manage all your relevant systems, ensuring that all metrics and insights are reflective of the project status in real time.  

Tip: Hire an OBM that can work on spreadsheets with calculations. That way if you need to make any changes, it updates automatically rather than messing up the system and asking them to re-figure the data.

Updating Social Media

Social media accounts provide a gateway into your brand for clients and customers. Informal interactions help nurture a burgeoning relationship, but creating new posts can take a lot of time and effort, and it’s not the best use of a project manager’s resource. Delegating to an online business manager will be able to keep your accounts updated, reply to comments, and ensure that your brand’s online presence remains a powerful marketing force.

Tip: Create social media guidelines which include a brand board of your colors, inspirations, style and tone of voice. That way you know you’ll be speaking in one “voice” to your audience, no matter who is creating the content schedule.

Invoice Creation and Payment Follow-up

During the process of delivering a project, you may have milestone invoices to issue, as well as payments to make to suppliers, consultants, and freelancers. An OBM can oversee all your company’s financial transactions, leaving you with more time for the other pieces of project management.

Tip: Use an invoicing software that allows you to track projects or easily generate invoices that your OBM can follow up on. Your perception is particularly important with this client-facing task.


Team Support

An online business manager isn’t limited to sharing the responsibilities of just one person; they can also support the whole team! When deadlines are short and there simply isn’t enough time for your specialists to complete their auxiliary tasks, an OBM can step in to alleviate their workload.

Tip: Make sure to introduce your online business manager from the beginning and use them to support your team. They’ll feel included and your team will know who to turn to when they need help without pestering you!

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