Typical Online Business Manager Projects

For businesses and individuals struggling to keep on top of their administrative tasks, hiring an Online Business Manager (OBM) like Bright Moments is an easy way to bring everything back into harmony.

So, let’s answer all those questions you may have about hiring an OBM at first, and look at who they are really for:  

What Is an Online Business Manager?


An online business manager provides support to an individual or team remotely. They have the expertise to take on the responsibilities of office-based managers without being present in-house. Instead, OBMs communicate with those they support by email, telephone, video chat, and instant messenger.

Are They Qualified?

This is probably the most common question asked. Normally others assume that because they are remote, they haven’t had hands-on experience. But this is just a myth. Of course you need to vet your OBM like you would going into any business arrangement. But, OBMs  have relevant experience not only with the tasks you need, but running a business as well.

This allows them better insight into your running operations and can allow them to perform more effectively!

Are They Employees?

Not usually. Online business managers are more often freelancers and business owners, charging a package rate or retainer fee. For businesses, this flexible approach allows them to have an assistant on board for only what they need. It also means they can access the support they need without having to find a desk, and without the expense of hiring even a part time employee: provide employer contributions, pay for insurance and other benefits. So it’s incredibly cost effective for both startups and established businesses.


Who Can Hire an Online Business Manager?

Just about anyone! OBMs are especially suited for small to medium sized businesses that need a little extra support but don’t have the capacity or resources to have another person working in-house. Hiring an online business manager allows your team to focus on their individual skill sets needed during the growth phase. Everyone essentially channels their specific knowledge to get things done before tradition, structure and culture kick in.

But that doesn’t mean enterprises aren’t making use of OBMs too! With the remote nature of the role and flexibility, it’s a new way of working that we’ve seen some companies start to use for their employees too.

With the way the working environment is changing, it means the online business manager role is more important than ever for any company type or sector.

Which Tasks Can I Hand Over to an Online Business Manager?

Online business managers are incredibly versatile, wearing several hats all at once! Here are some of the jobs that can be handed over:



Online business managers can undertake administrative tasks, allowing you and your team to spend more time on your own industry specific/company specific responsibilities. These tasks may include electronic filing, invoice management, responding to emails, directing calls, expense reporting, and ad hoc support to the team as required.


If your systems are organized, the next logical step is to gain assistance with planning. This is taking a look at where you are and where you want to be and putting goals and tasks in place for yourself and your team for marketing, sales, customer service, new business ideas, etc.


Customers appreciate fast, useful, and efficient support; they don’t want to wait days for an email response. Here is where OBMs come to the rescue! They can provide a system of support for customers by telephone, email, and live chat. Not only does this free up time within your team, but it gives customers a positive experience that encourages them to choose you again.

And, it’s not hard to find online business managers with marketing experience, particularly in the growing digital age! They’ll be able to help with tasks such as market research, data analysis, report writing, creation of promotional materials, social media management, client liaison, and event planning.


To be honest, online business managers come in all shapes and packages, often specializing in one area or another: some are eCommerce experts, other priding themselves on their sales funnel expertise. So you’re likely to find an online business manager that fits your organization perfectly!


If you thought of something else that we could assist you with, visit us here and we can chat about it.

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