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We have a passion for small businesses and in particular, owners like you that get bogged down with administrative duties and neglect the things that you’re passionate about, the things that make your business great and personal. Melanie Albright has an extensive background in office management (6 yrs), hospitality (2 yrs), and owning a daycare (5 yrs) which works to your benefit. She is a professional recognized for attention to detail with extensive experience in organization, customer service, management data processing, and creating systems for others.


About Melanie Albright, owner

Melanie Albright, virtual assistant

Hello! My goal is to help businesses find out what’s possible when their To DO list is DONE.

Using current technology I can offer virtual support from my own fully equipped, home-based office for personal and/or business needs while clients are traveling, doing day to day business, or at their home office. Clients include small business owners, freelancers, executives, and household managers.

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This business strategy and implementation service is a culmination of my 18 years experience in business which I have been recognized for attention to detail and the ability to interact globally with all levels of an organization.  Specific expertise in running and owning a home daycare, organization, project management skills, customer service, management of data and creating systems that are user friendly has benefited clients.  Sometimes I assist in evaluating current or proposed systems and procedures and recommend changes when necessary or assist in implementation of new processes.

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